To Love A Mother, Part 3

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. My sister and I visited our mom.  My sister brought my niece.  After lunch the four of us sat on the porch, drinking coffee and shooting the shit.  Three generations of women, lounging around on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Some observations I made during my visit:

My mother has come to the age where she is reflecting on her life.

My mother has regrets.

My mother has a funny laugh.

Someone once told my mother she wasn’t worthy, and she’s spent her entire life convincing herself it’s true.

My mother is a worrier.

My mother is carefree.

My mother is afraid of what it means to be a woman.

My mother is really, really excited about the new Snow White movie.

My mother wants to be the perfect wife.

My mother makes amazing cookies. 

My mother has built a wall around herself, thinking it’ll keep everyone out.  All it’s done is keep anyone from getting in.

My mother adores her granddaughter.

My mother and I have the exact same taste in books.

I love my mother.

I know so little about her.

What observations did you make about your mothers yesterday?


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