To Be A Super Ninja

I’m having an affair with my snooze button. My husband knows. He thinks it’s kind of funny.

It started several years ago. At first, it was out of necessity. Years ago I spent many late nights making final revisions to a seminar paper or cramming five more minutes of knowledge into my head the night before a final exam. The snooze button was just a quick fix in the morning. Seven more minutes. Seven more minutes of dozing in and out of consciousness and I’d be ready to face my day. It was just out of pure necessity.

But then it started to feel good.

There was something reckless about it.  Wanton even.

Buzz, buzz
Hit snooze.
Flip the bird to the establishment. 


It turned into a daily ritual. 

But this series of posts will not be about me. It will be about the superwomen in my life who do more in the sixty-three minutes of my snooze time than I sometimes do in my entire day. Some have kids. Some are childfree. All of them are pools of calm in moments of chaos.

I call these women Super Ninjas.


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