To Champion The Underdog, Part 4

It’s an imperfect process, championing the underdog. Most of the time you’re really just enabling.

en·a·ble /en-ey-buhl/
verb (used with object)
1.  to make able; give power, means, competence, or ability to; authorize

It sounds like it should be a good thing though, right? To give power? To make competent? How could that possibly be bad? But I suppose championing is a neverending process of one step forward, one step back. At least that’s better than one step forward, two steps back.

So I carry on. Not because I will save the world (I won’t), or because I believe that I make any real difference (I don’t), but because if I champion for you I will never give up.

cham·pi·on /cham-pee-uhn/
1.  a  person who fights for or defends any person or cause
2.  a person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions, so as to hold first place

You will be a better person for it. You will have no other choice.


August 16, 2012 — Interlude On Wishes For The New Year

DIY PRINTABLE- Birthday Funny Face Folded (A2) Notecards Set - Friend, Birthday, Kids, Parents, School

From “30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Know By The Time She’s 30,” by Pamela Redmond Satran

1.    One old boyfriend you can imagine going back to and one who reminds you of how far you’ve come.
2.    A decent piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family.
3.    Something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.
4.    A purse, a suitcase, and an umbrella you’re not ashamed to be seen carrying.
5.    A youth you’re content to move beyond.
6.    A past juicy enough that you’re looking forward to retelling it in your old  age.
7.    The realization that you are actually going to have an old age—and some money set aside to help fund it.
8.    An e-mail address, a voice mailbox, and a bank account—all of which nobody has access to but you.
9.    A résumé that is not even the slightest bit padded.
10.  One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry.
11.  A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra.
12.  Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.
13.  The belief that you deserve it.
14.  A skin-care regimen, an exercise routine, and a plan for dealing with those few other facets of life that don’t get better after 30.
15.  A solid start on a satisfying career, a satisfying relationship, and all those other facets of life that do get better.